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About Us

Bias free, curious, data driven

We take a science based approach to finding optimum chargers for electric vehicle drivers. As a result we do not have external dependencies which would prevent us from providing drivers with a complete and unbiased understanding of what experience awaits them upon arrival at any charger. 


Our Story

Our story dates back to 2013, when Piotr first heard about electric vehicles. Inspired in particular by Tesla's mission and technology based approach Piotr eventually switched to an electric car in 2018. 

After several roadtrips both around the UK and continental Europe, Piotr realised that much remained to be done to help drivers identify great public charge points and ensure that drivers feel comfortable using them. 
Together with Andrej he started Electro Ventures, to provide an unbiased source of information about charge points and ensure that drivers can quickly and efficiently identify the right charger for them given their unique requirements.  

Meet The Team

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