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Trial guidelines

Please read the guidelines below before signing up for the beta trial. We will reward participating users for providing feedback about charge points for 3 months after they sign up. Sign up via the link below.


Feedback and photos are submitted directly through the Electro app. To take part in the trial make sure to sign in via the "About" page in the app and sign up using the same email via the link below. In case you are using iOS please do not anonymise your email as we will have difficulty reaching you! Trial will continue till our trial budget runs out.


No false information. 


In general keep to 4 non photo feedback submissions per 30 minutes plus 2 charge point photos (worth 80p), unless you have information about other chargers or visiting multiple chargers in that time frame. Check out these youtube videos to see how to submit feedback and photos on iOS and Android.


We will use an exchange rate of 10p per point obtained in the Electro app apart from the first submission for which we will pay 1 GBP. We will send links through which participants can claim their cash rewards on a monthly basis.


We will use Revolut links to pay participants. No need to install anything. Check out this video to see how they work. 


Join our Facebook group to get the latest announcements about the progress of the trial.


Check-in, ratings and photos can be submitted whenever charging anywhere to quickly score points. 

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